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What is my next step after i order?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail which will have a digital form (easy). The most important step you take is to explain how you want your product to be photographed on that form. Once we have a clear information from you, we will photograph and get your item back to you.

How do I get my item back?

I Photograph Products deliver/ship your item back as soon as possible. If you want your item to be shipped, quickest way is to provide us with a prepaid return shipping label. We can also ship back your item the way you want it and bill you for the cost. We don't hold an item more than 30 days after the shoot.

What is your return policy ?

Product photography is what we do and we will do everything to earn your business. The key to deliver desired images is to communicate. We will work with you closely during the process so we can provide images in a way you want. But if any mistake happens on our side, we will be happy to perform a reshoot or a full refund.